The Healing Method

The Healing Method: A Mental Health Approach to Yoga

by Dr. Angie Holzer

The Healing Method: A Mental Health Approach to Yoga is a holistic yoga approach to help in the healing process of those who struggle with areas of mental health and trauma. This method is open to integrating different philosophies and elements from different theories and creating a mindfulness, hands-on approach that works best for the participants. This healing method was developed by Dr. Angie Holzer, based on her experience working with at-risk and vulnerable populations in North and Central America, Europe and throughout Africa. Dr. Holzer’s approach stems from her training in India with Yoga Dinesh, along with her time teaching at Stanford University, where she was certified in Yoga for Mental Health. This method integrates a variety of models and theories including the Kosha Model, Mindfulness approach on being nonjudgmental, three elements of trauma healing from Dr Thomas Hübl (reflect, digest, integrate) and the Polyvagal Theory in using the vagus nerve to calm the body.

4 Healing Foundational Elements of The Healing Method: A Mental Health Approach to Yoga.

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