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Yoga for Mental Health Series

We provide community classes focusing on yoga for mental health. Our classes teach a specific focus on how to connect your yoga practice into your life to help in the healing process with areas of mental health. We offer individual and groups classes.  Contact Us for prices and available locations. 

New Series: Bountiful, Utah 2023.

WHEN: Saturdays, 11am-12:30pm (Mar 11, Apr 22, May 20, June 3)

WHERE: Infusion Yoga and Pilates Studio, Bountiful Utah

COST: $30 per class or $100 for 4 Classes.

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Class Details

1-2 Hour Classes: (Practice + Instruction)

We offer a Yoga for Mental Health Series to the community to help bring mental health into our yoga practice and into our daily lives. Each class starts by introducing an element of yoga as it relates to mental health. The instructor then integrates that element or theme into the yoga class to help participants be mindful of how it's used in practice. Through this approach, participants will learn the different asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises) and other tools helpful in their own yoga practice as they face mental health in their lives.  These classes can also be adapted for school age youth and children.

Class Series:  All classes can be included in a weekly community course, or we can expand each class topic for additional classes to cover more in depth approaches. 


Participants will be introduced to different tools and/or mental health topics throughout the practice. Instructor will lead them through poses, breathing exercises, flows, smells, and meditation styles that help in a variety of different areas of mental health. 

Class styles include:


During yoga classes, tips and prompts will be given to participants in bringing awareness to their yoga practice and how it helps with different areas of mental health. Class members will learn to become mindful of ways yoga can help in the healing process when dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, and more. 

Additional tools will be introduced to help bring peace to your practice. These tools include: 

Pricing and Class Schedules

Pricing and Class Schedules: Contact us for more information about pricing and availability.  Let us know what type of classes you are interested in.  Please send us the following information and we can let you know more details.  

Join our Team: If you are currently a yoga instructor, you have the option of joining our Yoga Will Heal team.  Let us know your interest and we will reach out once we are ready to add more instructors. 


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