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Yoga for Mental Health Specialist
Yoga Flow, Power Yoga, Gentle Yoga
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Trauma-Informed Yoga
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Angie Bailey


Yoga for Mental Health Specialist
Restorative Yoga
Yin Yoga
Trauma-Informed Yoga
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Dr. Angie Holzer

Dr Holzer is a leading expert in yoga for mental health. She received her yoga certification in Rishikesh, India from Yogi Dinesh in 2016, where she specialized in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. She is trained in Ayurvedic Philosophy, a natural system of medicine, and adapts that into her practice. Dr. Holzer taught yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes at Stanford University from 2017-2021.

She is Yoga for Mental Health Certified from Stanford University, where she also became certified in trauma-informed yoga, adaptive yoga, and yoga for cancer survivors. She specializes in helping people adapt yoga into the healing process when dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, and other areas of mental health.

Dr. Angie Holzer is the CEO and founder of WikiCharities, a global nonprofit database. She has a masters in educational counseling, masters in business, and a doctorate degree in education. In 2021, she received the 'Dissertation of the Year Award' for her research in improving outcomes in fighting human trafficking through nonprofit collaboration. She believes that all aspects of yoga can help in the healing process when approached through mindfulness. She teaches yoga and healing classes at The Retreat Costa Rica and looks forward to expanding her offerings in the future.

Angie Bailey

Angie has been teaching yoga since 2016 with a passion for meditation, yin, and restorative practices. In 2021 she began working at Resilient Solutions Inc, a therapy group, as a yoga teacher to help support individuals on their healing journey through trauma, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. She believes it's important to connect the inner being and learn to value and honor oneself.

She has been involved in different types of physical movement throughout her life, including fitness, dance, and cheer at the University of Utah. Yoga naturally became part of her progression as she became drawn to listening to the deeper connection within. She is the mother of 5 amazing daughters who keep her moving and excited about life. Having experienced trauma in her life, she has had personal experiences in bringing yoga therapy and yoga together to fully embrace the healing journey.

Angie specializes in restorative and yin yoga, where she helps create an environment of peace and healing. Her love for yoga started with the journey to love herself completely, just as she is in this moment. She currently teaches Yin Yoga at Infusion in Bountiful, Utah and one-on-one with individuals working through trauma, anxiety, etc and the healing process.

Certificate Program in Yoga for Mental Health

Stanford University, School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Certificate of Completion Yoga for Mental Health

Yoga Will Heal,
Teacher Training Program

"Yoga is a safe way to experience yourself.
Yoga gives you courage to face your sensations."
- Bessel van der Kolk,
Body Keeps the Score

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