Yoga Will Heal

"Yoga is a safe way to experience yourself. 
Yoga gives you courage to face your sensations." 
- Bessel van der Kolk, Body Keeps the Score


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Certification & Community Courses

Mental Health Certification:
Yoga for Mental Health Certification Program

10-Hour Certification Course
(Theory + Practice + Instruction)

We offer a specialized Yoga for Mental Health Certification for yoga instructors, health professionals and anyone interested in learning more about integrating yoga techniques for mental health into their practice.

Community Classes:
Yoga for Mental Health Series

1-2 Hour Classes
(Practice + Instruction)

We offer a Yoga for Mental Health Series to the community to help bring mental health into our yoga practice and into our daily lives. Each class will be a mixture of theory and practice, discussing how yoga elements can help with areas of mental health. 

Workplace Series:
Managing Stress through Meditation, Mindfulness & Breathing

1-2 Hour Interactive Workshops
(Instruction + Exercises)

We offer workshops to companies, where we discuss key elements of meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises to help with stress management in the workplace. Contact us if you're interested in more details.

Yoga for Mental Health Articles

The Journal of Nonprofit Innovation produced a publication on trauma-informed care.  One article focuses on Yoga for Mental Health and gives examples of how depression and anxiety can be a tool to help in the healing process.  Read here.

Areas of Mental Health and Other Resources